The Effects Of Negative & Positive Emotions EFT

The Effects Of Negative & Positive Emotions EFT On Our Health Arjun WaliaAugust 29, 2016 The Effects Of Negative & Positive Emotions EFT The existence of the mind/body connection was once completely shunned by mainstream science, with many dismissing it as mere pseudoscience. … Continue reading →

Falling in Love with FasterEFT

People from around the World are Falling in Love with FasterEFT   Click Here to Visit Robert Smith’s Brand New Website. FasterEFT (Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations), developed by Robert G. Smith, is a powerful set of personal transformation skills. It … Continue reading →

The FasterEFT Home Study Course News

 FasterEFT Home Study Course The Ultimate FasterEFT Practitioners Training Kit   94 DVDs, 2 Audio CDs, 1 DATA DVD with MP3s of this Powerful Training with over 100 hours of instruction, insight and FasterEFT-style tapping. The FasterEFT Ultimate Training Course … Continue reading →

FasterEFT Depression

      Depression is a skill based on emotional conditioning. Its a belief and an attitude about self. As you address your memories and emotions you can release the references that support the belief.   Click Here to Visit … Continue reading →

Faster EFT Webinar 4th August 2016 Faster EFT Events PTSD. Trauma. Aftershock. Faster EFT Webinar The news is full of stories about people dealing with PTSD and the devastating effects on society. Trauma is an emotional creation based on internal references. Trauma effects … Continue reading →

Video EFT Self-Confidence Program

Public Speaking, Self-Esteem, Speeches, Romance, Business, Sports, and Self-Worth – Your Interactive Video EFT Self-Confidence Program This easy to use innovative web based program is designed to give you results, whether or not you have tried EFT before and regardless … Continue reading →