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I Love Gary Craig And Ask For Unity With EFT — 2 Comments

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  2. Thank you! I was put off by the Dangers Of EFT website, too. In fact, I had a hard time watching Robert’s videos for about a month. Finally I tapped on my concerns and looked at this debate rationally, and I knew Robert was doing something of such rich significance. I am not a full fledged practitioner yet, but soon. I still have the old EFT-Adv certification, and have been tapping on myself and others–more as a professional hobby–for 11 years. I, too, have been offering a new insight into why tapping works, and a few of the best tools I use to accompany tapping. Because of the long list of beneficial effects I was getting, including ending chronic depression and correcting a crooked foot(!), I was inspired into informally researching neuroscience and biology to figure out how memory was organized to provide feedback (hint: understanding the biology of procedural memory vs. the reflexive system, and what happens in the reticular activating system that links the two, was key), and how tapping disturbs this feedback to restore normal internal coherence. Neither Gary’s nor Robert’s models ever satisfied me, I’m a deep thinker. But a happy, optimistic one today.

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